Progressive and Near XL: the perfect pair

Your progressive spectacles are now getting a boost, precisely for the area range between distance and near vision area. Why does this make sense? Special Near XL lenses allow you to experience all activities in close proximity in a more relaxed and more natural head and body posture. It's time to clear up! 

(Not) a question of attitude

Do you know this? Do you have to lean your head slightly back to see well at a distance of about one meter over a longer period of time when wearing progressive lenses?
Put an end to this! There is a solution for this: Near XL

Near XL for hobby, screen and much more

Near XL special lenses are designed for everything you do at a distance of up to approx. one meter - and that ensures:

  • Maximum fields of vision in the direct and extended near range
  • Comfortable, more relaxed head and body posture

Even more details and expert advice from your local R+H optician

Four glasses see more than two

We're not fooling you:
Progressive vision is always a compromise in the intermediate range, because there are physical limits. Processing a near and a far range in one lens means that the usable field of vision for the intermediate distances becomes smaller.

  Technically unusable vision area

The special Near XL lenses are designed precisely for the intermediate distaces, significantly widen the field of vision in the working area and are ideal for

Optimisation levels

Your Nah XL glasses are available in three optimization levels to tailor the glasses to you in the best possible way.


  • Maximum fields of vision & natural head and body posture
  • All R+H brand benefits, such as aesthetic optimization or the R+H excitement guarantee

Product category: Seleo® | COMFORT ***

Optimisation levels

Additional consideration of individual conditions

  • Reading distance / working distance
  • Shape and fit of the spectacles

Product category: anateo®ME | PERFORMANCE ****

Optimisation levels

Additional unique visual requirements and additional functions

  • Smartphone support
  • Laptop mode
  • Overhead mode
  • Laterality / Biometric data such as eye rotation centre

Product category: SiiA® | HIGHEND *****

For an extended view into the room

As a rule, Near XL glasses are the best addition to progressive lenses. Nevertheless, there are jobs or hobbies that require a wide field of vision even in an extended environment. There are special room 2/4 m for this,

  • Dealing with customers
  • Safe movement indoors
  • Retail with office or workshop activities
  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • and much more

Simply ask your R+H optician for room lenses:

Pa(i)r excellence

With this pair of glasses, all-round relaxation applies not only to vision, but also to comfort.

  • Made of one piece for easy switching between the spectacles
  • No hidden additional costs
  • Security through service, e.g. the R+H excitement guarantee


The big price issue

As a wearer of progressive lenses, you know what an investment this is and that the production of branded lenses has its price. And now an additional pair of special glasses? If you value all-round perfect visual comfort for every activity: YES.
We value your trust in our branded products and offer you exclusive
service packages like a loyalty discount for our SiiA® lenses or a multi-pair offer. Ask your optician.

*Source: O. Kolbe, S. Degle "Presbyopic Personal Computer Work: A Comparison of Progressive Addition Lenses for Ge-neral Purpose and Personal Computer Work", Optometry and Vision Science, 2018 Vol 95 (11), 1046-1053 | Nah XL is an R+H design comparable to the study

Homeland quality

This means "made in Germany" for us: Your invisible hero is developed, calculated, manufactured, and tested by us multiple times.

The interplay of 100 years of experience, the know-how of our employees, high-tech production facilities, and genuine craftsmanship results in brand-name lenses that deserve to be called "R+H".

We are proud of this and want to make you happy.

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