Digital vision

We are digitally networked around the clock. Short reading distances, small fonts, and artificial light, however, make high demands on our eyes.

EyeScreen®+ for a better digital experience

EyeScreen®+ glasses are the ideal companion for relieving the strain on our eyes. This modern lens technology with smartphone mode has been optimised for using digital media and is 100% suitable for everyday use.

EyeScreen®+ for a better digital experience

  • 24/7 glasses for your everyday life –
    online as well as offline
  • Even the smallest details can be seen easily and sharply thanks to smartphone mode
  • Enhanced blue-light attenuation for pleasantly natural lighting conditions and extended UV protection UV400
  • Light-adaptive lenses available with Transitions® Signature® technology

For a better digital experience

Displays emit cold blue light. Many people find it unpleasant and tiring for the eyes after a while.

EyeScreen® with BlueCut offers comfortable vision day and night while protecting the eyes:

  • Enhanced blue-light attenuation
  • Reduced high-energy radiation
  • On top: UV 400 protection


Perfect glasses for everyone

EyeScreen®+ makes using digital devices easier on the eyes. Your eyes remain fresh longer.

EyeScreen®+ is available as single vision or progressive spectacles.

And even without prescription lenses for all those who do not need glasses outside the digital world.

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